There are many many different languages for the people in different countries,
but you will find the pronunciation is the same or similar when most of the people call their 
mothers,yes,MAMA.And most of the people are familiar with WHEEL.
So MAMA WHEEL Co.,Ltd. is established.

All of us hope the products supplied by MAMA WHEEL Co.,Ltd.

will be known and used by many many people,just like MAMA and WHEEL are known and used by 
many many people. Everyone in MAMA WHEEL Co. Ltd. will work together for this goal.

We start with offering wheel adapters,wheel spacers,wheel nuts,wheel bolts and wheel hub rings,
and we are trying to expand our business on wheels and other auto parts,in addition,we are trying to
get products of other different business line from our friends.

We list  the product name we offer currently on the site .
Contact us if there are items you are interested in .

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